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The Three Degrees – “Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon” (The French Connection)

FC_PosterIt turns out that The Three Degrees were the featured vocal group in the night club scene in The French Connection.  Filmed on location at the Copacabana, they inject tremendous energy into the scene with their soaring version of Jimmy Webb’s  “Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon.”

Coming across this tidbit seemed like a good excuse to rewatch the movie for the first time in over a decade. A decision that reaffirmed my love for the Public Library, and also for DVD commentaries.  I decided to watch the movie with William Friedkin’s commentary, which was the right move. Not only does he give fantastic insight on the making of one of the best cop movies ever made, but he does it with the humble nature of a Donald Trump.


He boasts about not reading the book that The French Connection was based on, because he lived it, man.  He went out on all night stakeouts with Eddie Egan and Sonny Grosso. He also takes great pride in utilizing cameraman Ricky Bravo, who shot footage of Che Guevara during the Cuban Revolution. That’s the kind of juice Friedkin brought to the party, and rightly so.  He even takes a dash of credit for Three Degrees’ success. #LikeATrump.

Commentary Excerpt – William Friedkin

 Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon (Live) – The Three Degrees