Neil Young & Devo – Hey Hey, My My

Palette cleanser with this other Eighties collab of Hey Hey, My My.

From Neil Young’s 1982 Cult movie Human Highway, which allegedly will be getting an official Director’s Cut re-release any day now.

The movie co-stars Devo, Russ Tamblyn, Dean Stockwell, and Dennis Hopper, among others. Watch the trailer and look at some stills over at Neil’s Shakey Pictures Human Highway page, which is where I lifted this little bio right here:

Production of the film began in the late 1970’s and lead to an eventual screening at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 1982.

Mixed reactions from the assembled audience of film buffs and music fans gave the producers cause for reflection and they immediately went back to editing, resulting in parts of the movie being strewn about all over the cutting room floor….destined to be forgotten and left behind in a laissez faire manner.

The post Mill Valley work lead eventually to the mid-90’s limited release VHS and LaserDisc versions of Human Highway that are much sought after by collectors today. As of this writng, these are the only commercially available copies of the film.

More time passed and the world moved boldly into the 21st Century.

Mr. Shakey and his long time producer L.A. Johnson returned once again to Human Highway editing and sought out the elusive missing footage that would help piece back together their original vision of a possible future.

A few new ideas came out of the writer’s shack and some were added to flesh out the telling of the story.

The team at Shakey Pictures was then tasked with locating, cataloging and viewing every element ever associated with the film in the hopes of finding the masters sources.

Long days and nights passed as they went through rooms of boxes, countless canisters of film and negatives in their search, eventually locating and restoring the picture to Mr. Shakey’s liking and high standards of excellence.

The Shakey Pictures audio department conducted similar searches, identifying the master analog multi-track tapes and original analog Nagra dialogue reels which they restored and transferred at high resolution for digital assembly and surround sound mixing.

Now, 32 years after Human Highways’ first screening, Bernard Shakey is ready to share it once again.

Bring it on Bernard.

Neil Young & Devo – Hey Hey, My My