My Dark Hour – Steve Miller Band featuring Paul Ramon

Homer_MyDarkHourWent down a Steve Miller Band wormhole via Homer soundtrack, and starting digging deeper on his Brave New World album, especially the Paul McCartney collaboration at the tail end.

“My Dark Hour,” is credited to McCartney alias Paul Ramon, and was recorded immediately after Paul had a heated argument with John, Ringo, and George.

Steve Miller happened to be there recording, late at night, and he just breezed in. ‘Hey, what’s happening, man? Can I use the studio?’ ‘Yeah!’ I said. ‘Can I drum for you? I just had a fucking unholy argument with the guys there.’ I explained it to him, took ten minutes to get it off my chest. So I did a track, he and I stayed that night and did a track of his called My Dark Hour. I thrashed everything out on the drums. There’s a surfeit of aggressive drum fills, that’s all I can say about that. We stayed up until late. I played bass, guitar and drums and sang backing vocals. It’s actually a pretty good track. –  Paul McCartney / Many Years From Now, Barry Miles

Pretty good track at best. I think I like the story here more than the song, I guess you could say that about most everything on this here site. I just can’t help but hear the roots of McCartney all over this track. The ease in which this track was recorded, playing most of the instruments himself, banging it out in one session, surely whetted his appetite for more solo recordings.