Wednesday Links – 01.21.15


Taylor Negron: In Memoriam
A nice write up from Grantland’s Alex Pappademas on a character actor who’s story is way more interesting than you had suspected.  No mention of his scene stealing appearances in Better Off Dead or One Crazy Summer, but chock full of greatness. His performance on the Moth Radio Hour is also worth your time.

Yaphet Kotto – Have You Ever Seen The Blues (1968)
Aquarium Drunkard has my number with this one. I clicked for the novelty, and stuck around for the greatness.

This Is What “Man Caves” Looked Like Back In The 60’s & 70’s
So Bad So Awesome looks at some pretty great bachelor pads from back in the day. (via WFMU)

Menthol Mountains
Bummed that the reported activity in the Silver Jews camp turned out to false? Well take solace that the David Berman is still actively posting over at his Menthol Mountains. My favorite recent post: This Mind-Arresting Stripmall: Flummox Village at Puzzle Place. Clothes Mentor.