Chastity (1969)

Chastity_coverHappy Thanksgiving! What better way to celebrate than by watching the trailer for Chastity, the turkey that Sonny Bono cooked for Cher in 1969.

Chastity was a vanity project for Cher, written and produced by Bono. It is also suspected that Bono directed the film under the alias Alessio de Paola. The film was bankrolled by our pals over at American International Pictures, which normally means you will be getting a Grade-A B-movie, but this one falls short.  Sonny and Cher also conceived their daughter Chasity Bono while making this movie. There is a joke in there somewhere.

The real travesty here is that Cher was so shell shocked by the negative response to this film that she refrained from any movie work for well over 10 years.  One of her next roles was in Silkwood, which earned her an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Cher’s title character is so unlikeable that I only lasted about fifteen minutes into this one (YouTube), but the trailer is perfectly rad!

Cher on the beach, running towards camera to some noir-ish gumshoe music and the strange marketing decision to have the narrator commit character assassination on it’s protagonist at the :15 second mark.